Backpack Chair BAGOBAGO

Sit down anywhere.

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The interior is split into a large space, and a smaller space suitable for storing a notebook or a tablet. The exterior features a front pocket with zipper (with a small pocket for mobile phone or wallet) and two reticulated side pockets for water bottles.
Yes. The interior is designed to prevent damage to its contents while keeping the stool always functional.
Yes. Legs are hidden behind a removable (and washable) cover. While sitting, you can either put the cover into and inside pocket or attach it to the white magnetic dot at the front of the backpack.
Yes. The metal construction can be removed and the backpack can be washed.
Yes. The bag meets airline cabin baggage size restrictions.
BAGOBAGO consulted orthopedists in order to design a bag that meets ergonomic standards. We carefully calculated the height of the stool to allow for a knee angle of more than 90° for most people, which helps you sit straight and helps prevents back pain.
No. The rubber doesn't contain any black color on purpose.
Yes. Zippers and rubber end caps for the chair legs can be purchased separately.
Storage volume1,342.5 cu in
(5.8 gallons)
(22 l)
Dimensions of the backpack in closed position:20.87“H x 13.78“W x 7.87“D
(h.53 x w.35 x d.20 cm)
Maximum weight limit of stool287 lbs (130 kg)
Total weight of the backpack3,53 lbs (1.6 kg)
Size and sexUNI
MaterialKortexin 100% PES
Water proofLevel 5


Classic Black 2016


Classic Gray 2016


Classic Green 2016


Classic Bordeaux 2016


Classic Turqoise 2016


Hip belt


BAGOBAGO Authorized Reseller in Singapore

About us

The world suffers from a lack of sitting spots - especially when you need them the most. What if there was a way how to sit down truly anywhere?

Even though it may look like the BAGOBAGO idea came from our desire to take it easy, we are in fact very hard working people. We brought together designers, orthopedists and manufacturers and created and patented the design of BAGOBAGO –the world's first sitting backpack with elegantly built-in stool that will allow you to sit down comfortable just about anywhere. BAGOBAGO has been patented since 2012 as an utility design.

We wish you comfortable sitting.

Český patent
Czech Patent
Česká výroba
Czech product
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The world suffers from a lack of sitting spots.

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Sit down anywhere.